12 Feb 2018. Ice is not nice. 20 miles.

12 Feb 18 3

Setting off from The Tally Ho at 2.30pm on a not particularly cold afternoon soon showed how careful Windmillers have to be when traversing winter lanes. There were just the four of us – Maurice, Andrew, Sandra and Martin – on a hilly circuit of 20 miles which took in Great Chishill, Elmdon, Duddenhoe End, Roast Green and Anstey.

The first stop was Elmdon to discuss what the food and beer might be like in the Elmdon Dial once it has re-opened, rumours being that it had been bought by a landlord with an existing pub near Norwich. A lot of property for a mere £350k, or thereabouts, thanks to a restriction on use. We look forward to its re-opening hopefully later in the year.

12 Feb 18 2
Windmillers discussing what the food and beer might be like when the Elmdon Dial re-opens

Another stop was made outside Simon and Ollie’s house to see if they might be in but there was no one around, the intention being partly to persuade Simon to oil his bike and join us on a ride. So on we went, generally enjoying ourselves, until we turned down a shaded lane towards Anstey from Roast Green where the morning frost had left a mix of ice, black ice and running water which required some careful navigation to avoid doing what John T had done once before on the same stretch and had a fall.

12 Feb 18
The Sleazy Jets – Spring must be in the air

There were signs of Spring everywhere, not just in the above photo of Andrew and Sandra – snowdrops in abundance and even a few daffodils in Anstey. It won’t be long before hedgerows are in leaf and the days are already getting longer – all good things to look forward to as we start to exit a cold winter.

And so it was back to the usual roaring fire and a warm welcome at The Tally Ho, after a very pleasant ride despite the short stretch of ice.

Here is the route taken:

Bike ride 12 Feb

Thanks go to Maurice and Andrew as usual for making life so easy for the rest of us.




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