5th Feb 18 – Mixing up the mileage

February brings a return to the cold weather and a heavy snow shower just before setting off to The Tally Ho wasn’t going to put us off, short-lived and quick to pass through, shouldn’t cause us any issues. Meeting up with Andrew in the car park, watching daytime Tv in his Range Rover (Well that’s what he said it was!!).

It looked like it was just going to be just the two of us until Maurice pulled in with a few grumbles about us never saying no to going out for a ride, needless to say though he had prepared a ride of exactly 20 miles!! We’ll see!!! With Strava turned on and an element of torment with us. We set off to Anstey, Meesden and Lower Langley Green. Along the way discussing the front and rear cameras now attached to my bike. Having had a few close encounters with less than cycle friendly motorists, I felt it wise to invest in the ability to capture evidence should the need arise (Let’s hope not!!). Onwards and upwards to Upper Langley Green and while waiting for the guys to catch up, a few circles of the junction to keep the legs warm (and add a few extra metres), then on to Duddenhoe End, Arkesden and Clavering before heading to Stickling Green where a close encounter with a tractor coming in the opposite direction at speed to a blind corner, could have been the first incident captured, thankfully he was loud enough to hear for us to get out of his way. On to Roast Green and up to Meesden Bury, along the way Andrew sidled up alongside and asked if the cameras record sound too, ‘Oh yes’ I replied, “Oh, better be careful what I say from now on then!” he said and I noticed from then on they were both giving me a lot more distance than before. At Meesden Bury a few more circuits of the grass triangle were required, “this will really cock-up the mileage”. With this in mind Maurice decided to chastise us ‘youngsters’ and sent us off to Anstey via Brent Pelham to burn off a bit of energy, while he headed back via Meesden. A parting suggestion of seeing who would get back to the pub first and the challenge was on. Andrew took off, as he passed me saying ‘no chance’. ‘There’s always a chance!’ I said as I took to the front, only to be hindered by a car blocking me from turning in Brent Pelham and a school bus along the narrow stretch to Anstey. As I rounded the corner to the golf club, there was a glimpse of a yellow jacket in the distance, there could be a chance and even with my legs saying no, one last sprint should do it. Well it wasn’t to be but it was close and I even surprised Maurice as he eased off to coast in to the pub, one last look around and there I was, just a few metres behind. Maurice having done exactly 20 miles and Andrew and myself doing 22 miles. Back at the Tally Ho for a warm welcome, warming fire and great beer too.

Tally Ho 05.02.18.png
22 miles clockwise

Thanks Maurice for the ride/race and to Andrew for organising us.


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