21 Sept 17 Ship Ahoy new Bike on the Block

Thursday 21st September 17-  Five super keen cyclist/navigators drove to East Bergholt for a nautical syle adventure ride around the Shotley Peninsula, led by Commodore Maurice, Sea Dawg Andrew, and able sea persons Sandra, Vernon and Lawrence.

After a dirty stopout in London,  Rev Moley Martin (who can now officiate weddings at sea) joined us halfway round the circuit near Alton Water Park.

One of the highlights of the day was Lawrence’s brand new Fluorescent Green crossover Cannondale bike with the biggests knobbly tyres you have ever seen. Despite the rolling resistance of these knobblies, Lawrence managed to keep pace throughout the ride -is that a battery I see lurking in his saddle bag?.


Our ride was almost the reverse of last years visit to this area taking in the impressive Royal Hospital School and Holbrook established in it’s current position in 1933 however,  dates back to 1694.

Onwards then to Shotley Marina passing on our way a very impressive country house.



We arrived at a sunny Shotley Marina and observed a number of yachts exiting the lock gates and preparing for lively sail along the Suffolk coastline.



The group made rapid haste to our coffee stop at the picturesque Pinn Mill and our watering hole The Butt & Oyster.

Deputy Dawg Andrew was duly advised to read a message clearly visible at the pub entrance (conveniently about two feet of the ground)



We then met appropriately outside a local church the Rev Moley Martin who joined us for the rest of the ride which involved a Bargie style off road session around Alton Water Park (thanks Maurice from me and Vernon for the slow punctures at the end of the ride )

Following the off road section we made our way thankfully on smooth tarmac back to East Bergholt via Bentley to enjoy a hearty two course retarded special lunch (except for Sandra who is far too young to qualify)

Thanks goes to Commodore Maurice for organising another memorable adventure.

yours Deputy Dawg.


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