14 September 2017: Back to the Pheasant

That was a good lunch!

It had been a while since we last did a Thursday outing from The Pheasant. Andrew led an elite team of five Windmillers – Vernon, Sandra, Ric and Brian – on a 39 mile jaunt around the lanes south of Saffron Walden.

Along the way we pulled in at the Mutton & Kipper Cafe at Wimbish for coffee and cake.

We returned to The Pheasant for an excellent lunch and toasted Andrew, who was celebrating three years of cycling activity. We think he’s getting the hang of it.

It’s never too late to start!

Andrew celebrating 3 years in the saddle
Screenshot 2017-09-20 at 16.18.00
39 miles clockwise from Great Chishill


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