17 August 2017: Therfield to Baldock and Back

Stopping for a breather at Sandon

Thursday morning and the heavy overnight rains had left puddles in the car park of The Fox and Duck, Therfield. Early comers were passing the time counting the scrapes on Ken’s new car until he diverted us by demonstrating the retractable towbar. Cor! I want one of those.

Sandra had planned our route – some thirty miles around the lanes of North Herts. She was joined by Ken, Andrew, Vernon, Lawrence, Ric and the Brians, Brummie and Yorkshire;  eight Windmillers in all.

We set off past Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel (North Herts being too posh for a mere cattery) and headed southwards towards Sandon, on through Rushden and Weston before reaching Baldock, where we pulled in for a refreshment stop at Delizia, the Italian cafe in the middle of the town. Sitting outside in the sunshine, we were tempted by the proprietor’s suggestion of Aperol Spritz, but sensibly opted for coffee instead.

Brian & Andrew at Baldock: refreshed and raring to go

Back in the saddle, we headed for Ashwell and then back to Sandon where we stopped for a breather and photo opportunity on the green. With the wind at our back we sailed the last few miles back to Therfield to enjoy a well deserved pint and lunch on the benches in front of the Fox.

Lunch at Therfield

Thank you Sandra for organising everything, planning the route and leading us on a delightful ride.

Screenshot 2017-08-19 at 09.21.55
31 miles clockwise from Therfield

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