Monday 14th August – Two become Three

With many away on holiday and the chance of a shower putting off the fair weather cyclists, only two started at The Pheasant, Maurice and Sandra. We set off in the direction of Elmdon, Strethall, Littlebury Green, Duddenhoe End on to Arkesden. Discusssing our recent holidays and also the previous rides, be they a bit wet or spattered with manure or with interesting characters not necessarily riding but meeting in the pubs too, always interesting to catch up.

From Arkesden we headed to Clavering via Rickling passing the beautiful Black Swan on the pond, dropping back down towards Lower Langley Green. Almost as if on cue, a few drops of rain appeared, so the umbrella of The Bull seemed the obvious choice to shelter and hydrate with the speciality waters!!! We were soon joined by John B, seeking shelter and rehydration too. Advising us of a special route we could take back to The Pheasant avoiding the 3 hills, Sandra might not like it though!

We set off back to The Pheasant leaving John B sampling another speciality water. Heading to Little Chishill and then 3 hills back up to Gt Chishill and Goujons and fries. Joined by John B who saw a fantastic Fallow Deer Stag and his Does following along behind, crossing the road ahead.

When 2 became 3

24 miles clockwise.

Thanks for another great ride Maurice.

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