26 June. How four became five on a long summer evening’s ride around the lanes.

Knowing that goujons and chips would be on offer at the end of the ride was sufficient reason for four Windmillers to set off from the Pheasant at a brisk pace at 6.00pm. Led by Maurice and followed by Keith, Chris and Martin, we sped through Heydon and on to Elmdon before testing out the smooth new tarmac towards Ickleton but turning right up to the Strethall crossroads where the tarmac finally ended. Then it was through Littlebury Green and a fast descent (32.4 mph to be precise) before the steep climb to Duddenhoe End. There was no time for a photo in Arkesden (but then the thatched cottage by the signpost has already been captured many times already) and so we whizzed through to Langley Lower Green by which time a considerable thirst had developed which just had to be quenched for safety reasons…………….. And guess who we found in The Bull? The Specialized bike outside gave us a clue and John B was indeed inside, having taken a slightly different route to the rest of us. So four became five but the best bit was that John remembered it was his birthday recently and so it was drinks all round – thanks John!

The three hills remained the main obstacle as usual on the way back but whether it was the thought of the goujons or the beer or just Summer madness, there was an almighty race back to The Pheasant where a warm welcome was awaiting us from Mark and Debs after a ride of 20.5 miles.

Outside The Pheasant was a classic 60’s Chevvy and a future classic alongside it………

A 60’s classic Chevvy outside The Pheasant
A future classic?

Thanks, Maurice for organising a great summer evening’s ride.



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