22 June 2017: Two go AWOL in North Herts

Thursday again and the week-long heatwave was finally breaking. Thunderstorms threatened and were heard distantly from The Pheasant car park. Oo-er!

All smiles in Sandon

Seven Windmillers – Andrew, Maurice, Chris, Ken, Lawrence, Sandra and Brian – were gathered at Great Chishill for a 35 mile tour of North Herts.

Maurice led us out through Therfield, Sandon and Rushden to Cromer where we stopped to admire Hertfordshire’s sole surviving mill, much restored since our last visit. Then it was on to Ardeley and a welcome coffee stop at Church Farm.

Windmillers at Cromer Windmill

Refreshed and back in the saddle once more, we made short work of the return leg via Nasty, Buntingford and Anstey before labouring up the those three damned hills to The Pheasant; it’s a good job we are so fond of the place! And, apart from a light shower early on, we had managed to stay dry all the way.

Halfway through a blissful beer, however, we realised that Maurice and Andrew were missing. Much rumblings of “Where the hell are they?” and “We just want our bloomin’ lunch”. Mobile phone calls went unanswered and there was consternation all round that two of our most senior members had gone astray. Their wives would give us hell!

Thankfully, the missing pair eventually showed up, somewhat sheepishly, and not before Sandra and Brian had gone out in the Shedmobile to search for them. Their excuse was they’d stopped at Nuthampstead to enquire after John Tarrington, whereupon Bridget opened a bottle of wine . . . and you just can’t rush a good aperitif.

Lunch may have been delayed – but was no less enjoyable – and it capped a great morning’s ride. Our thanks go to Maurice and Andrew for organising everything. And this week’s prize for the smallest carbon footprint goes to Ken who’d cycled from Ickleton.

Screenshot 2017-06-27 at 11.34.57
35 miles anticlockwise from Great Chishill


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