25 May 2017: Well Oiled at Wimpole

The prospect of a gloriously sunny day had tempted Sandra, Ric, Tom and Brian to leave their cars at home and cycle out to Great Chishill where they met up with gas guzzlers Andrew, Chris, Keith and Vernon for the Windmillers regular Thursday outing.

Maurice was away in Scotland, so Andrew was in charge and had planned a route – taking in Therwell, Odsey, Steeple Morden and Wendy – to Wimpole Hall.

The air was thick with the smell of sun lotion as we applied generous dollops of the stuff to our exposed parts before heading off, bikes and bodies well oiled.

Keeping hydrated in the in the Hertfordshire heatwave

Along the way, Chris reminded us there was to be a minute’s silence across the country at 11am in support of the people of Manchester. When the time came, we duly stopped on a quiet lane to pay our respects and reflect on the freedoms we all take for granted.

Helmets off: a minute’s silence for Manchester

Crossing the Wimpole estate, we found the footpath blocked by a herd of rare breed cattle. Magnificent creatures they were but – with horns as big as our front forks – a pretty intimidating sight. Not wanting to spook them, we hung back while Tom – brave chap – threaded his way through. The rest of us followed timidly through the horns and cowpats. Phew!

Arriving at Wimpole tea room, we enjoyed coffee and cake in the garden before, having applied yet more protective oils and lotions, we set off on the return leg, heading back via Shepreth and Fowlmere before tackling the long, hot hill climb back up to Great Chishill.

Who’s got a shiny new bike then?

We returned to The Pheasant for a very welcome beer and an excellent lunch under a shady tree in the garden. Alas, the Green Team were still several miles from home on a baking hot afternoon; so we decided on another restorative ale before setting off.

Thanks, Andrew, for planning the route and leading the way.

35 miles clockwise around Royston


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