18 May 2017: Steeple Bumpstead and Cavendish

Rumour had it today was John B’s birthday. So there was a quite natural, if unspoken, assumption that he would be buying the beer, possibly in prodigious quantities. It was on this basis that a goodly number of Windmillers gathered at the Fox & Hounds in Steeple Bumpstead on Thursday morning, anticipating a jolly outing and an even jollier lunch.

Alas, there was no John B to be seen; cue glum faces all around. Crestfallen but determined to make the best of things, we set off across the Suffolk countryside for a 32 mile ride taking in Glemsford, Cavendish and Clare.

Which way, Maurice?

Our party comprised Andrew (last week’s birthday boy and very generous with the beers, thank you), Ken, Chris, Keith, Maurice, Martin, Tom, Rick and Brian. Notable was Chris, astride a brand new bicycle; a sleek and gleaming machine in a natty shade of red. So you can imagine his dismay when Maurice led us down some particularly muddy lanes, yesterday’s downpours having washed topsoil off the surrounding fields. Never mind, Chris; it washes off.

Windmillers taking in the Suffolk scenery

We stopped for coffee and cake at The George in Cavendish before setting off on the return leg to Steeple Bumpstead where we were joined by Vernon for lunch.

Lunching at Steeple Bumpstead; there’s a lot of scratching going on!

All in all, another lovely outing and an excellent route; thank you, Maurice.

We look forward to helping John B celebrate his birthday next time.

32 miles clockwise from Steeple Bumpstead

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