20 March 2017 – Were we blessed or just lucky.

With the weather looking set for rain all day, some of us resigned ourselves to NO cycling this day and headed for drier places, for me this would be the office and dreaded paperwork!

Well this was not the case, as early afternoon came and an email dropped in my inbox – potential of the weather improving at 16.00, let’s meet at The Pheasant, Gt Chishill at 16.00 and see what happens. Could this be true, as the rain teemed down outside (even Storm Sandra couldn’t produce this kind of weather)!! OK, I’ll pop along to see if anyone else turns up. Much to my astonishment, 15.45 got in the van and headed to Gt Chishill, it was as if someone had flicked a switch and turned the wind and rain off just at that point, the sky cleared to make way for the sun and almost clear blue skies. Someone must have contact with higher powers!!

Maurice, Andrew, Chris and Sandra prepared for the off, (others were due to join in but didn’t see the weather relenting, you don’t know what you missed!!!). Where shall we go then? Maybe because it was such short notice that the ride was on, nothing was planned! There was an element of make it up as we go along and could we trust the weather to hold. So we headed towards Barkway and on to Anstey (so far so good), Brent Pelham, Sheepcote Green, Arkesden, Duddenhoe End, Chrishall, Heydon and back to a warm welcome and toasty fire at The Pheasant, the clear skies given way for the chilly evening to come.

Thanks Maurice and Andrew for organising another great ride, glad we made the effort!!

22 miles anti clockwise.20.03.2017 Windmillers.png

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