Snow drop ride, 27 Feb

Sandra promised to be gentle to those Windmillers who were brave enough to turn up at the Tally Ho in Barkway on a gusty and potentially very wet afternoon. So it was just Chris and Moley who set off with Sandra on a blustery circuit taking in Therfield, Kelshall, Sandon (where a decision was taken to do the ‘short’ route, the gentle route being around 23 miles into the teeth of a storm), Buntingford and Wyddial. But the short route of 15 miles was finally lengthened to 18.5 miles by taking in Nuthamsted too, which made a pint of fine Grubber ale in the Tally Ho  all the more justifiable on our return.

Luckily the rain held off most of the way, but other villages in the vicinity suffered a severe drenching. This enabled us to enjoy the plethora of snowdrops in gardens and woods en route, which appeared to be at their best. Here are some in the grounds of a farm in Wyddial:



Thanks, Sandra, for deputising in the absence of our leaders and for leading us astray around the lanes.

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