5 September. Red, blue,black or green?

…………or in skiing jargon, should it have been green, blue, red or black? Those were the choices provided by our leader Maurice on a delightful sunny evening to five other Windmillers who accompanied him on the ride – Deputy Dawg Andrew, John B, Half scone Keith, Tiny Tim and the old blogger Moley Martin who was back in the saddle after being off games for a few weeks. Here were the choices:


All chose to do a combination of the red, blue and black of 19 miles which took in almost every hill possible and created quite a thirst and appetite for cod goujons by the time we returned to The Pheasant, and excellent goujons they were too.

Maurice, Martin and Tim admiring the sunset outside the farm of Master A J Bates. Andrew is the shadow on stilts.
Bike and pole in the sunset (offers in the region of £10k for the pic)

Thanks, Maurice, for planning the route. The evenings are drawing in and so it was good to make the most of this one.




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