1 September. Something Lovely in Puckeridge

A gloriously sunny Thursday morning saw just five riders: Maurice, Andrew, John T, Keith and Brian, set out from Widdington on a circular route taking in Berdon, Furneux Pelham, Standon, Little Hadham, Farnham and Elsenham.

Puckeridge being our mid-way point, it seemed only reasonable to stop off at the Something Lovely tea room on the High Street for a caffeine & cake fix. We like this place for the quirky decor (there’s an upside down table & chairs nailed to the ceiling) and excellent home baking, not to mention their tolerance of Keith throwing the crockery about.

The Famous Five at Something Lovely, Puckeridge
Andrew, Brian, Keith, Maurice and John at Something Lovely, Puckeridge

Sugar levels restored, we leapt on our saddles and blazed the 17 miles back to the Fleur de Lys at Widdington – just in time to catch the two course over-60s meal deal. We Windmillers like to keep well-provisioned.

Fresh air, exercise, hearty fare and good company: what more could a man want?

Another lovely Thursday morning route, thanks, Maurice
Another lovely Thursday morning route, thanks, Maurice

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