6 June. Summer lanes

Husbands and wives comprising John and Lyn Bagrie, John and Bridget Tarrington and Ken and Ann Worthing, set off from the Pheasant on a fine summer’s evening, accompanied by Maurice, Keith, Andrew G and Martin, on a variety of circuits around the lanes:

Bike ride 6 June 16

The husbands and wives peeled off in Arkesden to make a circuit of around 16 miles whilst the others continued to Manuden where it was good to see potholes being repaired at long last. Then it was back via Clavering and the windmills, where large potholes are still in evidence, but The Bull at Lower Langley looked particularly inviting and so Adnam’s Mosaic and Fat Sprat bitters just had to be sampled…….


Finally, it was back to The Pheasant via Little Chishill, having clocked up 24 miles, where re-assembly took place and all enjoyed plentiful helpings of goujons and chips.

Thanks, Maurice, for organising the ride and for providing different route options. Let’s make the most of these wonderful summer evenings!

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