26 May. 34 miles through Suffolk lanes

The winner of the Best Navigator Award (BNA) on the recent Scottish tour, the Revd Moley Martin, showed conclusively that it was awarded in error by getting lost twice before the start of today’s ride and then again shortly after the start. He blamed Eileen, his unfaithful satnav, for the delay in getting to the start line at The Rushbrooke Arms in Sicklesmere near Bury St Edmunds but good navigators should of course not rely purely on modern technology but should be able to read good old fashioned maps too. The peloton comprising Squadron Leader Two Scones Maurice, Deputy Dawg Andrew, Wee Jimny Ken, Half scone Keith, Brummie Brian and Marmite Tom then swept off at high speed ahead of a long stream of heavy traffic leaving the Revd Moley still putting on his cycle clips. By the time Moley could join the busy road there was no sign of the peloton at the first junction, which could have gone in one of three directions. Plaintive phone calls to the Squadron Leader and  Deputy Dawg were not answered but eventually he learnt of their whereabouts and was greeted justifiably with claims of s**t navigation from Wee Jimny Ken and demoted immediately to the SNA.

So eventually all set off on a delightful 34 mile tour of peaceful Suffolk lanes, on a day which proved warmer than expected. The precise route is difficult to describe as Maurice, the new holder of the BNA, navigated us superbly through endless junctions using just a piece of paper……………. Suffolk was ablaze with yellow, as were some of the riders, making them difficult to see at times:


Coffee and scones were devoured at an excellent National Trust shop in the centre of Lavenham (can anyone identify the shrub on the left?):

IMG_20160526_121822262_HDR IMG_20160526_123809332_HDR

Then it was off to Hartest and down, possibly, Suffolk’s steepest hill instead of having to climb it as we did last year, to enjoy an excellent leisurely lunch in The Crown. The circuit back to Sicklesmere was completed by mid-afternoon by all except Tom who cycled back to Shelford, clocking up 60 miles in total, in further preparation for his 80 miler coming up shortly. The rest of us enjoyed a drink in The Rushbrooke Arms courtesy of Ken to celebrate his birthday the following day. Happy Birthday Wee Jimny!

Thanks again to Maurice for leading the way around such delightful lanes.



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