23 May. Evenin’ all

This was the ride we had all been waiting for – Kell showing off his new high speed electric Giant, except it took three people to heave it on and off his car:


Thereafter it was a question of who could catch Kell on this lovely evening as Two scones  Maurice, Deputy Dawg, Half scone Keith, Marmite Tom, Carl and the Revd Moley Martin discussed devious ways of holding on to his luggage rack without him noticing. We sped through the lanes taking in Heydon, Elmdon, Catmere End, Littlebury Green (where Carl took a short cut to the Pheasant),  Arkesden, and Clavering before pausing for breath in Lower Langley for, (guess what?), Kell to catch up!

Kell and his new bike admirers in Lower Langley

Was it him or was it the bike? A bit of both but by selecting a more appropriate gear he was soon whizzing along again without even pressing the sport mode button – normal seemed more than adequate. Tom was in serious training for an 80 miler and so headed back to Shelford whilst the rest of us did our best to keep up with Kell without success, the Black Dawg panting for a bowl of water even before the ride back commenced:


And so we eventually joined Kell and Carl in the Pheasant to enjoy large helpings of goujons and chips washed down with some fine beers.Thanks are due to Maurice and the Dawg for organising a pleasant circuit with opportunities to take variations en route.

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