12 May. Another colourful ride.

Eight colourful characters comprising Squadron Leader Maurice, Deputy Dawg Andrew, John T, Wee Jimny Ken, Half Scone Keith, Rick, Brummy Brian and Minister Moley, set off from the Pheasant earlier than usual at 9.00am on yet another glorious May day. The 36 mile route took us via Heydon, Melbourn, Steeple Morden, Ashwell, Baldock, Sandon, Therfield and Barley:

Bike ride 12 May

Not only were the riders colourful but the scenery was too – May at his best. The first stop was at the memorial to 355th Fighter Group at Steeple Morden where the Dawg took advantage to cure his growl, with the help of a few others.


Many hands make saddle work

Thanks to Rick for identifying the growling saddle, which was all due to the Dawg’s posterior! No wonder he had been squeaking such a lot recently.

Then it was off to Ashwell for a coffee stop in the village before heading on to Baldock and a steady climb up the hill to Sandon and Therfield, where May colours were at their best.

The Japs and Chinese spend fortunes on trips to see our yellow fields in May, and we get it all for free (and hayfever too)
Vivid greens from the ridge near Therfield

Finally, it was the beer inducing climb back to the Pheasant from Barley where a splendid lunch was had in the garden, amongst the herbaceous plants and trees of Simon and Ollie’s beautiful garden.


Thirsty Dawg
The landlord’s finger!

Thanks, Maurice, for arranging a wonderful ride and the weather to go with it.


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