9 May, multi-coloured rides

Six cyclists

Six Windmillers comprising Maurice, both Andrews, Carl, Kell and Martin set off from The Pheasant at 6.00pm on a series of multi-coloured rides of varying distances which Maurice had plotted to take into account the different needs of members – red (10 miles), blue (14 miles), black (19 miles) and green (23 miles), which immediately caused some confusion amongst the skiers present!

Bike ride 9 May 2016

It wasn’t long before Kell peeled off in Elmdon, with further talk of acquiring an electric bike, which left 5. Then Carl took the blue route in Littlebury Green, which left 4,  after which the Deputy Dawg’s bike started making loud growling noises and he peeled off near Wenden’s Ambo to try and sort it out in the comfort of his shed at home, which left 3. The remaining trio continued doing the green and black until Andrew G peeled off in Little Chishill which left just Maurice and Moley to climb the hill back to the Pheasant, clocking up a mysterious 19 miles in total.

Other than a few spits of rain the ride was very pleasant and warm, which applied also to the welcome back at the Pheasant where we met up once again with the Dawg, Kell and Carl to devour delicious goujons and chips, washed down with some good beers.

Thanks, Maurice, for planning the rides. Let’s hope that the warm weather, light evenings and a choice of rides on a Monday will encourage others to join us over the coming weeks.

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