4 Feb. Drowned rats ride.


The person responsible for today’s weather forecast shall remain nameless, for the time being, but at least we didn’t get lost. Starting with drizzle just a few minutes after leaving the Fleur de Lys in Widdington, it didn’t stop until we returned for lunch, when the sun emerged briefly. But that didn’t stop the Squadron Leader, Maurice, accompanied by Deputy Dawg Andrew, Ken, Brian and Moley Martin having an enjoyable ride of 30 miles via Henham, Great Bardfield, Finchingfield and Radwinter. The assorted rats got a warm welcome at our favourite coffee stop in Finchingfield where Maurice enjoyed his favourite scone, and likewise Martin (fuel for the return journey they claimed):


Now you know why we stop there, and how Two Scones Keith got his name.

And here are the assorted rats:


Having only partially dried out, the homeward stretch into headwinds and more rain resulted in large appetites being created for a splendid lunch in front of a roaring fire at the Fleur de Lys, washed down with some fine ales and lager for the Dawg. Lawg?

Thanks, Squadron Leader, for a good ride but ask for a new barometer for your next birthday!

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