Windymillers 01 Feb 16 Gusty Ride

Mechanic Maurice, Moley Martin and Deputy Dawg Andrew set off from Clavering in winds gusting up to 38 MPH for a what turned out to be a very pleasant Monday ride.


The intrepid Windmillers itinerary took in Wicken Bonhunt, Ricking, Quenden, Manuden, Furneux Pelham, Stocking Pelham, Brent Pelham and finally Starlings Green (saw none) and eventually back to Clavering.

Apart from battling some headwinds the ride was reasonably uneventful apart from Maurice being attacked by a rabbit and Moly Martin hitting another pothole both incidents took place on the descent to Pinchpools Farm – Both riders were unscalthed.


As a pleasant surprise Moley arranged for the peloton to be refreshed with coffee in Manuden at the residence of his lovely daughter Jessie and husband Robin who was having a lie-in until Moley called.

The ride concluded with a very pleasant lunch at Jamie Olivers parents pub The Cricketers in Clavering where we were eventually joined by the super grumpy Kell (the Irish) complaining that Deputy Dawg hadn’t sent out the usual smoke signals of our impending arrival !  (intentionally ha ha)




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