22 December. We meet the King.

After an early start for a Monday at 10.30am, our leader Maurice led the way, hotly pursued by Dirty Dawg Andrew, John B and Moley Martin, around 19 miles of dryish lanes, taking in Little Chishill, passing John T’s house, Meesden, Clavering, Arkesden, Duddenhoe End and Chrishall. Maurice had a puncture but Andrew remains the puncture champion of 2015.

After returning to The Pheasant for a pleasant lunch word got around that the King was dining there too, ie Alf Engers, looking very smart compared to the assorted Windmillers who by that time included Road Hog Kell Ryan who joined us for lunch.

Maurice donning his rubber gloves and others looking worried
Alf Engers, the King and former cycling champion, talking to Sky team member Maurice

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