Dawgs pre Xmas Dirty ride 17th Dec


DD (aka) Andrew R, John Sticky Toffee ,Ken W , Brian C and new Windmiller Tom Robinson set off from the Pheasant in 12 degrees (positively balmy -the temperature that is) heading for Manuden via Arkesden, Wicken Bonhunt, Ricking with an early coffee stop at the Cricketers Ricking Green.

Fortunately the crazy bunny blasters were not in evidence as we past East End enroute to Furneux Pelham however, on this ride we had to contend with what was on the ground and not from above!!

To avoid the busy road to Barkway we routed via Whitebarns down the bumpy concrete road much to the delight of new boy Tom (who’s a keen mountain biker) and much to the disgust of Brian who was saddled to a brand new pristine bike. Additionally, farmer Joe was taking a delivery of organic human waste resulting in 5 filthy aromatic bikes.

Travelling past Duddenhoe End we were met by the famous Alf Engers  AKA The King,unfortunately we was going too fast !! in the wrong direction so this was a missed photo opportunity.

The final sprint was directly up the main road to The Pheasant  for a well deserved refreshment and lunch.


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