Local circuits, 2 November

Starting at 2.30pm due to the dark evenings now, Maurice, Andrew R, John T, Bridget, Keith, Andrew G and Pete set off from The Pheasant on circuits ranging from 18 miles to 22 miles and were joined somewhat later by Martin who only clocked up 9 miles and so was allowed only half his usual number of goujons. Andrew G, Pete and Keith did the longer route but, sadly, Keith came a cropper when rounding a sharp wet bend in Arkesden and fell off his bike, scraping himself in various places. See the gruesome photo below! Hopefully he will mend quickly (a pint was applied quickly back at The Pheasant) but it just goes to show how easy it is to skid on wet, leafy roads, so check those tyres and take special care over the coming weeks.

Keith’s accident led to a Pheasant discussion over goujons and chips about the need for a first aid course, which Maurice hopes to organise soon, (and also the need for someone to carry a spade in case a member needs burying by the roadside!).

Thanks, Maurice and Deputy Dawg Andrew for organising the ride.

Keith looking battered but happy after his accident
Keith looking battered but happy after his accident

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