Chef de Blog report, 29 October

Thanks to Deputy Dawg Andrew for uploading today’s ride around Essex lanes (see below) and to Maurice for planning the route.

The ride started and finished at the Fleur de Lys pub in Widdington, a lovely village near Newport. The weather was mild and leafy and nine hi-viz riders set off at a pace led by Rod and followed by Maurice, Andrew, the two Johnnies, Ken, Keith, Martin and new member Brian (welcome Brian!). It wasn’t long, however, before an error of course was made by Rod in Henham who disappeared rapidly up the High Street when he should have turned right, taking three riders with him. Hollering had no effect and so Martin’s afterburner was required to catch him and do a U-turn back to where the others were waiting patiently. Then it was under the Stansted flight path to Broxted and a nice tail wind through delightfully quiet lanes to a coffee / tea / beer / cake stop in a cafe in pretty Finchingfield, almost exactly half way at 17 miles. The ride back was via more hamlets and villages until we reached Widdington at 1.00pm after 34 miles in total, with a challenging final uphill climb which created substantial thirsts all round.

Seated at a round table, the Knights of the ride were joined by Kell and we all tucked into a splendid two course lunch and sampled some fine ales before finally departing to sleep it all off.

Thanks again to our leader and his deputy for organising an excellent ride.

The Knights of the Round Table at lunch.
The Knights of the Round Table at lunch.

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