Monday 10 August 2015, pleasant Pheasant circuits

There were two groups who set off from The Pheasant at 6.00pm, hares and tortoises. The hares sped off on a 23 mile ride via Elmdon, Strethall, Littlebury, Newport, Rickling, Clavering and got back to The Pheasant, having averaged 14mph, at about the same time as the tortoises who rode 19 miles via Wendens Ambo, Newport, Arkesden and Chrishall. It was a pleasant, dry evening with stunning views towards Cambridge as the sun set on the way back, followed by the usual wonderful goujons and chips at The Pheasant. Andrew R, however, was so enthusiastic about the ginger beer in his shandy that he converted Martin W’s fine pint of Restoration bitter into a shandy too! Thanks a bundle Andrew!

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