Thursday 13 August 2015, Newbourne, Felixstowe Ferry, Bawdsey, Butley, Orford, Woodbridge, Newbourne, 43 miles


The route we took is above but Andrew R has successfully managed to load to the site the route on Map O Meter.
Click on the heading to open the map and see the detail of this interesting route. Starting at The Fox Inn in Newbourne near Ipswich, Maurice led Andrew, Ken, John T and Martin on a 43 mile ride via Felixstowe Ferry to Bawdsey and then to Orford in a strong head wind. Stopping for coffee, cake and cockles at the quayside we then cruised back at high speed to Woodbridge where we saw the tide mill and marina, followed by lunch at The Fox Inn and a welcome pint of Adnam’s Southwold bitter. Thanks, Maurice, for organising a great ride in a location which missed all the storms elsewhere.

All abord the Felixstowe Ferry
All aboard the Felixstowe Ferry
The quayside at Orford
The quayside at Orford
Hanging baskets at The Fox Inn
Hanging baskets at The Fox Inn

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