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Stoned in Hartest

It seems every other alehouse we frequent is at the top of a bloody great hill, so The Crown at Hartest gets my vote for best pub, if only because it’s at the bottom of a steep hill; which is blissful indeed at the end of a 30 mile ride. The hospitality is pretty good too.

The Hartest Stone

Deep in the Suffolk countryside, the villagers of Hartest claim there is no other town in the world of the same name. Their other claim to fame is the Hartest Stone a large boulder on the edge of the green, thought to have been placed on that spot in the early 18th century. Locals say the boulder turns over at the stroke of midnight and that sitting on it as the clock strikes twelve may bring you a wife or good fortune. I know which I’d prefer.

Jeremy, Andrew and Deb demonstrate some one-handed cycling

So it was that eleven Windmillers set out from The Crown in pursuit of Maurice who led us around some of the prettiest parts of Suffolk, taking in Glemsford, Brent Eleigh and Lavenham.

It was at Brent Eleigh that we made a long overdue return visit to Café Como for some excellent coffee and cake. It was here that Andrew went into recruitment mode and persuaded one of the patrons – Abi – to join us on a future ride. We look forward to seeing her in the near future.

Outside Café Como, Roger looking very relaxed on his birthday, while Simon, Graham, MartinB and Alan look on

Cresting Hartest Hill, we freewheeled back down to The Crown where Roger, top chap, bought us all beer. Happy Birthday, Roger.

Brent Eleigh

For the record, the turnout was: Alan, Andrew, Brian, Charles, Deb, Graham, Jeremy, MartinB, Maurice, Roger and Simon. No punctures, nobody fell off, and we didn’t get wet. Hurrah!

32 miles anticlockwise from Hartest

Thanks Maurice; excellent route. Thanks, Andrew, for getting us all organised. And thanks, Roger, for the beer.



15 August 2019: Hartest

Thirteen Windmillers set off from The Crown for a 31 mile jaunt around the lanes of south east Suffolk.

Andrew, Sandra, Ken, Howard, Roger, Victor, Graham, Geoff, Lawrence, Simon, Tom and Brian followed Maurice out of Hartest and on through Shimpling, Lavenham and Brent Eleigh to Acton, where we pulled in at Wally’s Shed for refreshment. Tucked away on an industrial estate, Wally’s offers good nosh at keen prices. Where else would a cost conscious Windmiller enjoy a round of toast and a mug of tea – and all for £1.10?

In Wally’s Shed

Back on the bikes we made short work of the return leg via Long Melford, Glemsford and Hawkedon, arriving back at The Crown bang on time for a 1 o’clock lunch. No bargain basement prices here, just some really good cooking.

Lunching at The Crown

Nobody got lost, wet, stung or fell off.

Once again, our thanks go to Maurice for researching a lovely route on quiet roads – and Andrew for finding out where’s Wally.

31 miles clockwise from Hartest