Café 19 Duxford Old Butchers

Café Society

It isn’t often that we lunch in a café rather than a pub. Indeed, it is almost a year to the day since our outing to Ely when we last ordered lunch from a barista rather than a barman.

So quite understandably, there was some consternation in the peloton when Jeremy announced we would be lunching at Duxford’s Café 19. Would they tolerate our alehouse manners? Might Simon’s eccentric tearoom etiquette raise eyebrows? And, let’s not beat around the bush here, did they serve beer?

We needn’t have worried, not only did Café 19 serve up an excellent lunch, but they made us feel most welcome and we were warmly invited to return. What’s more, there was a decent selection of bottled beers on offer – and Simon was on his best behaviour.

Thanks to Jeremy we had enjoyed an excellent outing, riding once more through the Abington Land Settlements, climbing the stiff hill up to Balsham – where we stopped for coffee at The Old Butchers – before heading back down the hill towards Sawston and returning to Duxford.

Coffee at Balsham’s Old Butchers

Jeremy lost us only once – which puts him on a par with Maurice – but otherwise managed to get us all back safely and on time. Top chap!

Completing the 30 mile circuit were: Andrew, Brian, Chris, Deborah, Geoff, Graham, Jenni, Jeremy, Ken, Ric, Rod, Roger, Simon and Victor.

Graham, Victor and Roger cresting the hill at Linton
. . . closely followed by Ken and Andrew, feeling the burn
Jeremy’s wiggly route, some 30 miles in all, taking in Duxford, Whittlesford, Sawston, Pampisford, Linton, Balsham, Great Abington, Babraham, Sawston and Shelford