Just a bit of water?

Monday’s ride involved Sandra, myself and Nick, Charles and Rod. That the last three have electric bikes becomes more relevant than usual as this story evolves.

After a pretty wet March the start of April at last saw some clear skies and we set off from The Red Cow in Chrishall in good spirits led by Charles who had stepped into the breach and sent out a route via Furneux Pelham.

In an eventful ride, Nick had already fallen off and hurt his wrist and knee while travelling these muddy and pot-holed roads. But then we came to a road closure between Little Hormead and Pelham. We usually ignore these signs of course, considering them more relevant to cars, that’s if they mean anything at all and haven’t just been left out from weeks ago.

This one though was different. Some clues were present which I should have noticed. There were workmen, yes real people actually doing things, with white vans, road signs and stuff. There was a red car ‘not waving but drowning’ as Stevie Smith would have it. And really I should have stopped. I should have thought about club members with big electric batteries on their bikes. I should have turned back when the water got deeper and deeper.

But I didn’t.

There comes a point where you can’t turn round. Where the water is over the front mud-guard and approaching the cross-bar. Having wet legs is one thing, but this was starting to threaten more intimate parts. It was cold, very cold ‘land-water’ and approaching the depth where most wading men hesitate. Still eventually the danger passed and I was out the other side.


To quote Stevie Smith ‘Life is a series of opportunities to be misunderstood’. And I had misunderstood my fellow cyclists willingness to tackle such a challenge. They were sensible, but were now faced with a considerable detour. Shouted instructions from Charles resulted in our reunion in Pelham. I was soaked from mid-thigh down. By the time we got back to the pub my feet were uncomfortably cold.

Still life soon improved with Charles furnishing beer and nuts for the group back at the Cow. So, Simon, ‘look before you leap’ or is it ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’. All I gained this time was a good soaking and a cold ride home. Still Charles came into his own and provided a video of the whole ‘happening’ for your amusement.

It takes a long time after heavy rainfall for the water to run off the land. Blue sky and pleasant weather is no guarantee of shallow pools on the road. Still it’s good to get out and experience your surrounding for real. No virtual cycling for us.

Cold muddy, water though, not a very pleasant experience.

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