2021 Awards and charity distributions

The following distributions to charities were announced at the Christmas lunch, following a record breaking raising of £7,000 by The Windmill Club in 2021:

And the Awards went to:

Clubman of the Year – Charles

Golden Pedal award – Prof Simon

Unsung hero of the year – Andrew

Favourite pub – The Chestnut Tree, West Wratting

Favourite coffee stop – Winners, Finchingfield

Best shepherd – Maurice

Knobbliest knees award – Charles

Best Father Christmas – Graham

Spot the Song competition – Alan

Not the navigator prize – Prof Simon

Best chimney sweep – Prof Simon

Pigeon Poet Laureat award – Prof Simon

Hosiery award – Charles (2nd year running)

Best pies – Pat, Pig and Abbott, Abington Piggotts

Puncture prize – Jeremy

Fastest puncture repair award – Brian

Longest distance award – Graham (2nd year running, 13,000+ km)

Biggest smile – Roger

Involuntary dismount prize – equally to Rod, Mike, Geoff, Charles, Deborah and Martin who all fell off on the same icy day

Good Samaritan prize – Deborah (2nd year running)

Gutsy prize – Lawrence

Wildlife award – Sandra

Garmin GPX perseverence award – Andrew

One reply on “2021 Awards and charity distributions”

I note Penny appears to have fallen asleep during the vicars speech. Must have been a jolly fine lunch.


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