23 November. CACing around. 22 miles.

Bringing the departure time forward to 1.00pm enabled a pleasant CAC ride to take place in good light on this late November day. Maurice created an interesting circuit, resembling a map of England (minus Devon and Cornwall), Scotland and Wales, and it was joined at various places by nine Windmillers.

The C brigade comprised Maurice, Andrew, Lindsey, Martin, Suzanne, Nick and Deborah, whilst the ACers were Rod and Charles, which explains why the C brigade didn’t meet many others. Martin and Suzanne were mainly responsible for this, having disobeyed orders by going Clockwise, Martin’s excuse being that he was getting giddy going AC in recent weeks.

This is where we went:

Despite the lovely weather, this proved not to be the ornithological extravaganza that we had the previous week when 10 red kites were seen circling over Anstey. The occasional buzzard was spotted but that was about it, at least as far as Martin and Suzanne were concerned. Perhaps the others had better luck but there have been no reports on WhatsApp of anything special being spotted. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful area to CAC around in. (Note that CAC can be used as both a verb and adjective but has not yet made the OED.)

Maurice cycled alone which generally results in faster speeds as there is no opportunity to get stuck into a discussion /debate with a cycling companion, which seems to reduce the average speed. He therefore did some overtaking in Berden and was then seen chatting briefly to Rod and Charles before accelerating away at high speed.on his e-bike.

Ending the ride by 3.00pm enabled Suzanne to cycle back in daylight to Abington, clocking up a total of 35 miles in the process, which was a big improvement on the previous week when it was cold, dark and wet.

Thanks go as always to Maurice for planning the route and Andrew for his organisation. Where would we be without those stalwarts?


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