18 November. Great Chishill windmill in all its glory. 9 miles.

A lonely looking Rod in front of Great Chishill windmill

There were just two Windmillers, Rod and Martin, who embarked on this cold but glorious Autumn ride from The Blind Fiddler in Anstey at 2.00pm, to ensure we got back in time before darkness set in. But once we got going we soon warmed up, not only through the effort of pedalling but also when we stopped at Maurice’s house for a cuppa. Thanks Maurice and Linda!

The aim was to explore a hamlet near Chrishall, known as both Building End and Builden End, but with the sun low in the sky and Great Chishill windmill looking spectacular we had to pay our respects, which Rod very kindly offered to do. This must be a first to have a solitary Windmiller posing in front of a windmill.

This is a self steering windwill (in theory) using the circular sail on the back – none of that heaving on a bar which is necessary on the Bourn windmill

Having stripped off a layer due to the climb up to Barley and Great Chishill, we were soon descending to the turning to Building / Builden End, where we reckoned the dead end lane with some lovely old houses and cottages would become a smooth byway. Charles J had already indicated that this would be the case but it was a joy to behold – a smooth wide track that climbed gently and emerged on the road towards Lower Langley. A useful discovery.

The  Building End / Langley Lower Green byway 

Then it was past the closed Bull and on towards Brent Pelham before returning to Anstey and receiving another warm welcome from the landlord and customers of The Blind Fiddler.

This is where we went:

Anstey Building End circuit 18 Nov 19

Thanks, Rod, for accompanying me! We had a good ride.




2 replies on “18 November. Great Chishill windmill in all its glory. 9 miles.”

Hi – I and 5 other cyclists are planning to cycle a c.43 mile loop from Gt Chishill via Saffron Waldon this coming Friday. We will go via Saffron W (for our 1st coffee stop) Thaxted, Henham for our sandwich lunch, before proceeding to Furneaux (circa 35 miles) to cycle along The Street.

I am a little undecided as to our route back from Furneaux to Gt Chishill: it could be heavily influenced by the presence of a take away coffee stop as ideally, we like to have another stop either near or at the end of our ride. Do you know of anywhere? I’m not optimistic, but if you did know of anywhere I would be most grateful if you could let me know.

My thanks and regards

40 Plus Cycling Club – St Albans Section

PS I have enjoyed reading a few of your club blogs!


Dear Jane,
Apologies, only just noticed your message and very sorry for the late reply.
As you will know, takeaway coffees are hard to find. Poppy’s Barn, near Upper Langley, is lovely but I don’t think they do takeaways.
Do keep in touch – and maybe your gang and ours can meet up some day for an outing.
Best regards
Brian Connellan


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