28 October. Recruiting a spooky new member. 20 miles.

Six Windmillers set off from The Bull at Lower Langley at 3.00pm – Andrew, Sandra (who rode from home and back again in the dark), Keith, Tim, Nick and Martin. Sadly, Nick had to peel off quite early on due to his shoes slipping badly on his pedals but we hope to see him again soon with the problem fixed, having received various recommendations from the remainder of the gang. This is where we went:

Bull circuit 28 Oct 19

Being half term week, the lanes were blissfully empty of big Volvos and Range Rovers charging along full of children returning home from school. DPD and DHL vans were elsewhere too which enabled us to amble along, albeit averaging over 12mph, and have a natter about Andrew’s recent cruise, Tim’s successful racing season and other topics.

It was in Duddenhoe End that Andrew spotted what looked initially like a potential new member, smartly dressed by the roadside with a hi-viz jacket holding a black container but there was no bike. Stopping to take a closer look he got the fright of his life when the figure turned out to be a spooky dummy offering sweets for Halloween trick or treaters. On closer inspection there seemed to be an even greater resemblance to Andrew himself as this picture shows!

Andrew chatting up the latest Windmill Club member in Duddenhoe End
Tim, Sandra and Keith also welcoming the new member

Back at The Bull, where a fascinating Pennine Dark and Light beer was on offer, we enjoyed chatting to the landlady Sarah, who turns out to be the sister of one of Martin’s best ever employees. Small world!

Thanks go to Andrew for organising the circuit and getting us round in daylight. For the next few weeks, good lights and hi viz wear will be mandatory.


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