06.06.19 – Lucky for some thirteen !!

With the promise of coffee to start the ride, 13 eager Windmillers gathered outside the Red Lion at Great Wratting. Something was amiss though, the doors locked and no sign of life !!

We were almost ready to leave abandoning the early riser refreshment when a Mercedes estate car came careering into the car park, scuffing the front bumper and then parking, hitting a post holding up a lean-to building, watching on anticipating the demise of the building and spilling the baskets that were perched on the roof all over the car, amazingly this was not to be, lucky escape there. Coffee would soon be available, courtesy of the young man driving the car, something had been lost in translation/organisation or clearly forgotten, I think it was more likely the latter!!

Quickly downing the coffee and ordering lunch, we set forth to Kedington, Hundon and Stradishall. Maurice leading the posse comprising Roger, Victor, Lawrence, Simon, Chris, Deborah, Howard, Keith, Graham, Sandra, Geoff and Ken. The pace was fair and the group had split into two as the call came out for the obligatory Windmill (Stansfield) photo opportunity.

There is a Windmill in the background, really!!

We regrouped for a full team photo call at Hawkedon


As you can see it was yet another glorious day albeit a bit windy at times. Setting off again, it wasn’t long before the group was somewhat stretched out, some of us not getting any warning of a ford as we headed downhill at speed, missing the road route to the right of it and having to take the wet path, Victor managed to find a shallower path but as I was trying to avoid him, the only option was the deeper part which resulted in a rather wet foot. Catching up again, we were grateful of The Angel at Glemsford and the planned coffee and cake stop, well again something in the translation/organisation went astray and the cake was lacking, the Landlady was willing to head to the local store but we declined, perhaps thinking of our figures!! Simon though, took it upon himself to indulge us and while the coffees were being made he set off at speed and cleared the shelves in the store of everything sweet and gooey, returning only to find that no-one had bothered to think of him and having to get his own coffee, well done Simon, the cakes went down a treat.

On leaving Glemsford, we headed to Pentlow and the pace was still quite high, with the wind on our nose and the group got stretched out even more, leading to 5 of us missing a turning and doing the route below, while the others cut across country. All was well and we regrouped back at The Red Lion where we were joined by Martin, great to see him and hopefully seeing our jolly faces after another lovely ride, will aid his recovery. Looking forward to having you back riding with us again soon.

Gt Wratting circuit.png
32.5 miles clockwise

Thanks Maurice for another great ride.


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