All Fools Day 2019. 20 gentle dental miles from The Tally Ho!

DIY dentist Andrew seeks new clients – any takers? Spot the glued in molar, using an Indian mixture of ground glass and resin. Answer below.

It was way past noon and so no practical jokes on this All Fools Day were allowed, which was a bit of a shame. But Andrew’s DIY dental treatment gave us much to laugh about.

It was also our first summer-time ride which meant no more lights to lead our way back to The Tally Ho!. Instead we could generally dawdle and just admire the views if we chose to. And so it was that six not-so-foolish Windmillers, comprising Maurice, Andrew, Rod, Keith, Peter and Martin, turned out on this fine Spring evening at 4.30pm for a 20 mile ride around our quiet lanes. This is where we went:

Tally Ho! All Fools Day ride 2019

Speeding past a lone cyclist near Barkway Golf Club established quickly that he lived in Furneux Pelham, didn’t know Roger (‘Is he the blind ex-Olympic rower?’, the chap asked) and showed no sign of wanting to ride along with us for fear of being left behind. That’s what happens when two e-bikes are in the pack – Maurice charging along up front and Hot Rod sweeping up the rear. It was good to have Peter out with us again, who has no problem keeping up with an e-bike.

Stopping for a breather. From the left, Rod, tooth puller Andrew, new boy Peter, Keith and Maurice

It wasn’t long before the aforesaid Furneux Pelham with its lovely church and its motto Time Flies – Mind Your Business came into view. Then it was left up a farm road passing the same elderly gent and his dog who we often meet at that time of day, bidding him a cheery hello and getting one back in return. The downhill concrete track was once again a real bone shaker if taken at speed, enough to shake Andrew’s new tooth out but it survived, and it wasn’t long before we were back on the tarmac proceeding towards Clavering.

It felt strange not to stop at a wide open Bull at Lower Langley but chips were on offer once again and so we sped on towards Little Chishill passing many sunlit cottages on the way:


Master W J Bates’s farm was passed before taking care descending the steep bumpy hill to Shaftenhoe End, after which there were a few humps and bumps before climbing back into Barkway.

Maurice and his new dentist – the others had all gone on ahead not wishing to sign up

Back at The Tally Ho! the Trelawney was as good as ever but Martin settled for a Captain Bob brewed by a Maldon firm which he also declared excellent. Saleesha’s chips were good too.

Thanks to Maurice for planning the ride and congratulations to Andrew on his DIY dental skills. I for one will stick with my usual dentist, thank you all the same.


Answer: top row, 4th from the right. Pretty neat, eh?


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