21.01.19 -Return to The Bull

With the evenings drawing out, a later start of 15.00 at The Bull, Lower Langley would see 5 participants for this ride – Maurice, Nigel, Sandra, Andrew and Don Kent (AKA – Malbec Don) – Andrews school friend from Newcastle and a participant of some  ‘memorable’ Windmiller rides!! Great to have you back with us Don, if only for a few days.

Having cycled up with a gloomy sky, I was pleased to see this clearing as the guys arrived and we prepared to set off, for what would be perfect weather, if a bit breezier than expected for the journey of 18 miles, clockwise.

Setting out towards Little Chishill, taking care through the well rutted downhill section before turning up ‘The Three Hills’ section to Great Chishill, stopping for a breather and also a quick repair to Dons rattling mudguard using a trusty cable tie. Then on through Heydon to Elmdon, briefly stopping outside the Elmdon Dial, Don quick to spot a photo opportunity.

Don – love you Babe?

With a chill forming in the air and before Don could even get his phone back in his pocket, let alone the many layers of gloves and mittens that needed to be removed to take the picture, Maurice, Nigel and Andrew had set off and were nowhere in sight. Having had the same difficulty on a previous ride, I stayed with Don to make sure we didn’t lose him. Catching up with the gang again at the Duddenhoe End turn and a notorious hill, on to Arkesden, Clavering, Stickling Green, passing the two windmills before veering off to Roast Green and Meesden Bury before dropping back to Lower Langley and a very warm welcome back at The Bull.

21.01.19 - Return to the Bull.png
18 miles clockwise

Thanks Maurice for another great ride and Andrew for organising us.


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