25 October 2018: Say Cheese!

It’s the anticipation of a good lunch that keeps us going!

Thursday’s outing was a particularly hilly one. Starting from Long Melford, Maurice led the way around a 30 mile circuit taking in Henny Street, Lamarsh, Nayland and Boxford. There were 10 of us – Graham, Roger, Lawrence, Chris, Sandra, Simon, both Brians and, of course, Routemeister Maurice himself.

Iron Man Graham clocked up an additional 30 miles, having cycled all the way from Ickleton to Long Melford, where he arrived clutching a sausage roll and all set for the next 30 miles. We were impressed.

Wholly innocent Windmillers outside Holy Innocents Church, Lamarsh

Nayland shall be forever imprinted upon Lawrence’s mind as it was here that an impetuous driver tried to run him off the road. There was a coming together of car and bicycle, nothing too serious, thank God, and Lawrence managed to avoid being spilled from the saddle. The front seat passenger, however, leapt from the car and berated Lawrence for, well, being a cyclist. Despite the abuse, Lawrence kept his cool. It was the offending motorist who came off worst with various vehicle parts, notably a wing mirror housing and fuel filler cap, ending up in the road. Just deserts, we thought; tangle with Lawrence at your peril!


Coffee stop at Boxford

Back at Long Melford, we stowed the bikes and drove to Steeple Bumpstead for lunch at The Fox & Hounds. And what a lunch; notable for the huge volume of dairy product consumed by Martin and Roger, both having selected the Cheese Feast from the menu. They each must have put away half a kilo of various processed curds; everything from Norfolk Dapple to Suffolk Gold. We must up their statin prescriptions.

Screenshot 2018-10-31 at 16.21.56
30 miles anticlockwise from Long Melford

Thanks, Maurice, for leading us over another delightful route. Andrew too for getting us all organised.


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