10.09.18 – Trusty ‘Steeds’ !!!

The Bull, Langley Lower Green would be the meeting place for this evening ride, 17.00 would be the start time. Assembling in the car park were Maurice choosing non electric cycling to push those muscles, Andrew, Sandra and a newby Simon, whom we welcomed to the group and hope to see again on many a ride.

Setting off across the ford towards Meesden Bury before cutting down towards Roast Green and then along back up to Langley Upper Green passing ‘The Olivers’ residence, on to Duddenhoe End, where we circled to incorporate a little off road section through Rockells Farm, a little stoney for some of us!! Back on tarmac we headed to Littlebury Green, passing Simon’s residence on to Catmore End and Strethall (Thankfully no angry looking farmers spraying tonight but we know how to calm them now, “Just mention Tom Robinson and all will be well!!’)

Onwards towards Elmdon on the lovely smooth tarmac, this wouldn’t last long as Andrew had plans for another off road section from Elmdon to Chrishall, through a lovely wooded area, much smoother than the previous off road section. Weaving our way through the lanes and passing The Red Cow, sadly not open on a Monday, we headed back through Heydon, Gt Chishill, Shaftenhoe End and Little Chishill to a warm welcome at the Bull and welcome refreshments. We were soon joined by John B with a rye grin on is face – “That was close” he said, assuming he meant the fading light but no, dusting off his knees, he told us of an off road section close by, a bit like being on a roller coaster ride. While relaxing and enjoying himself, his ‘Trusty Steed’ decided otherwise and catapulted him into the verge, thankfully no major damage, dusty knees and dented pride and he was on his way to the pub for a well deserved beer.

10.09.18 The Bull.png
22.25 miles anticlockwise

Thanks Andrew for organising us and the ride.


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