6 August. Sun, sunflowers, sunset. 20 miles.


Once again it was nothing but sun on this glorious evening ride, made more glorious by fields of sunflowers and a stunning sunset. But there were just three Windmillers out to enjoy it, this being the peak of the holiday season, and so Maurice, Sandra and Martin set off shortly after 5.00pm from the Tally Ho! in Barkway to take it slowly through the lanes to Clavering and back, clocking up 20 miles.

Maurice decided to go non-electric for the first time since his hip op which had the advantage of a long refreshment stop being needed at The Cricketers in Clavering, where a large crowd were outside drinking, grazing and generally enjoying the lovely weather.

Here is the route taken:


Setting off back to Barkway, Maurice soon regretted trying to get his leg over (his bike) in his pre-hip op style, resulting in a bit of a tweak of the new joint. But all was well and we trundled steadily through the lanes enjoying some spectacular views on the way.

That’s a combine harvester in the dust cloud on the left
Sunset over the dust cloud

Shortly afterwards it was a pleasant surprise to come across a large field of sunflowers. reminiscent of the Charente region of France – is this a further sign of global warming?


And then, one of the most stunning sunsets ever seen on a Monday ride, radiating through the clouds in spectacular style:


By the time we were back at The Tally Ho! the light was beginning to fade, a reminder that late afternoon starts will start to become earlier from now on as the days shorten. A warm welcome was received from Sally which was a pleasant end to a very pleasant ride.

Thanks, Maurice for organising the ride but obey doctor’s orders in future!





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