26 July 2018: The Heat is On

All stop for the view at Kelshall

Too many of us? Too noisy? Too much lycra? Whatever the reason, we were turned away from the Westmill Tea Room. We won’t be darkening their door again.

Twenty miles into a circuit of North Herts and the hottest Thursday of the year so far, we could have done with some refreshment. We’d had a lovely ride from Therfield, through Sandon, Cromer, Wood End and Haultwick – and we were on the return leg heading for Buntingford and lunch back at the Fox and Duck. We knew there’d be a warm welcome there.

Maurice – astride his natty new ebike – had led the way, followed by birthday girl Sandra, Andrew, Tom, Lawrence, Roger, Chris, Martin, two Johns, both Brians and new boy, Victor.

We love a windmill! This one’s Cromer.

Arriving back in Therfield, hot and gasping for a beer, we were delighted to be joined by Bridget, Lyn and Ric – who had all cycled in  – and Vernon, the only Windmiller looking cool, thanks to Jaguar air conditioning.

Great company, a good lunch – and Sandra was buying the beer. Life doesn’t get any better.

Thanks, Maurice and Andrew, for organising another great outing.

Screenshot 2018-07-26 at 16.44.18
28 miles clockwise from Therfield


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