24 May 18 Crash Bang – Hips & Ocean Liners


With Maurice out of action for a few weeks it was Deputy Dawg Andrew’s turn to lead the pack on what turned out to be a very eventful ride.

Andrew, John T, Chris B, Ric (more of later), Lawrence, Brummie Brian, Newbee Roger, Ken, Sandra (New Wheels) and Two Scones Keith congregated at High Beeches, Wendens Ambo ready to tackle a 30 mile circuit to Maurice’s house to cheer him up 6 days after his hip replacement operation.

To much laughter Ric is observed pulling his tights off in my garden beside a hedge as not to upset the neighbours.

We set off through Wendens Ambo and almost immediately tackled  the infamous “Hill Bastardo” and onward to Littlebury Green. Rusack being his usual cautious self, alerted everyone that most of the roads in the area had been dressed and there was considerable loose gravel.  Onward we rode to Strethall and up into Elmdon to discover no progress has been made in refurbing The Dial pub a future Windmiller watering hole.

Que Ric  – As we left Elmdon enroute to Chrishall we encountered a huge pile of loose gravel across the entire road. Andrew screamed “loose gravel” “slowing” and almost immediately Ric hit the deck with some considerable force. Lying lifeless for a short period, Roger kept saying to Ric “talk to me -talk to me” Ric replied i’ve hit my head. Somewhat stunned he composed himself and after much debate he decided to continue the ride. Having only travelled a few feet he came to a grinding halt when the derailleur planted itself into the rear spokes.

It was decided that Rics wife should pick him up and Brummie Brian kindly stayed with him and Andrew led the remaining pack to Maurices.

Ric very sensibly headed off to A&E to discover he had fractured his clavicle (Collar bone) and possibly a crack in his right arm socket. He was finally released from A&E at 14.00 – Poor Ric -we all wish him a speedy recovery.

The remaining Posse arrived at Maurice’s and enjoyed coffee, biscuits and wonderful scones and jam. Thanks to Lynn and Maurice for their generous hospitality. Even since Monday Maurice has made great progress and we wish him well for a speedy recovery.

IMG_7920           Similar to the Monday ride we tackled the hill from Maurices to Barkway with Sandra taking the lead completing it in 10 Minutes followed by the next batch (Andrew, Keith & Roger) who completed it in 11 minutes.

The ride took us through Barkway onwards to Nuthampstead, Anstey, Meesden and as we entered the minor road to to Roast Green, Chris B decided to dismount, albeit less dramatically that Ric’s dismount. Unscathed Chris continued with the rest of the gang towards Clavering, Arkesden and a new lunch venue and drinking hole The Bell at Wendens Ambo where we met Brummie Brian who had continued to ride “Billy no mates style”.


A wide selection of excellent beers were on offer and everyone enjoyed a hearty lunch dining alfresco.

There was much hilarity when we observed the delivery of a Pond Liner for the new enormous pond being dug in the pub garden. The pond is so large that Chris, mine host has taken delivery of an Ocean Liner  🙂

Thanks to all for joining the ride from my home which allowed me to have a glorious lie  in !!!

Deputy Dawg Andrew

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