12 April 2018: Mistaken for Golfers

We love a windmill – this one’s at Great Gransden

Thursday’s weather forecast was plain wrong; the promised dry day had dawned decidedly wet.

Nine Windmillers sat glumly in cars outside The Red House in Longstowe peering out at the rain. Did anyone fancy riding in this? No, not really. So we drove to Bourn Golf Club to keep warm and drank coffee while waiting for the worst of the weather to pass. A golfer – in all seriousness – asked when we’d be starting our round. As soon as our lycra’s dry, we told him.

The rain did eventually stop and seven of us – Ken and John T having sensibly headed for home – returned to The Red House to saddle up the bikes and brave the flooded roads.

Getting the measure of Andrew

So it was that Maurice, Martin, Andrew, John B, Chris and both Brians pedalled off through the puddles back through Bourn from where we headed on to Caxton, the Gransdens, Abbotsley and Gamlingay, before turning back towards Longstowe and a well deserved  lunch. We didn’t stop along the way, it was too cold!

John insisted we take his photo

Arriving back at the Red House, we stowed the bikes and headed to the restaurant for beer and sandwiches. As ever, and despite the weather, we had enjoyed the ride and the good company. Thanks Maurice – for steering us around the worst of the floods – and Andrew for getting us organised.

We’ve earned a good lunch!
Screenshot 2018-04-13 at 12.59.46
22 wet miles anticlockwise from Longstowe


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