29th March 18 – Return to the Packhorse

After a short spell away perusing other hostelries, it was decided that it would be good to return to the Packhorse, Moulton. Well the skies cleared and the sun shone for the nine Windmillers (Maurice, Andrew, Vernon, Tom, Ken, John T, Lawrence, Keith and Sandra) assembling in the car park, preparing their bikes for the off. It wasn’t long before there was a cry for assistance, Tom has a problem with his nuts. ‘Have you got any insulating tape or similar in your van Sandra’ cried Andrew. Having perhaps mis-heard the initial cry for help, the best I could come up with were some plasters, they were taken but swiftly returned, it was a mechanical failure not medical! Stripped thread of the nut that holds the front wheel on. Well after delving deep into my van to find the emergency tool box (rarely sees the light of day!) containing spares more for horticultural/agricultural machinery and a few washers albeit a bit on the large size but would prove useful and also raiding Maurice’ stash of nuts, between us we managed to get Tom ready to roll.

We set off up the hill out of Moulton, always a good way to warm up!! We would be following a previous route with a couple of deviations and the aim to have coffee at the ‘Saxon Village’ West Stow, which as always provided good coffee and cake. On our journey a fresh piece of cock pheasant roadkill was retrieved and stuffed in to Tom’s rucksack and discussions of recipes ensued, other pieces of roadkill didn’t prove so inviting and I’m glad to say the rather badly mauled Muntjac was left at the side of the road, this could have made for a very interesting ride attempting to bring this prize home!!

There had been a suggestion at the start of the ride that we would be visiting a windmill along the way for a photo opportunity, sadly this didn’t materialise, apparently there was a large sign advising to beware of the dog and was thus avoided. Having had glorious sunshine for most of the ride, it was as we were about 4/5 miles out from Moulton that a few spots of rain or even hailstones were felt, thankfully we were on the edge of this shower and didn’t really prove to be a problem. On the edge of Moulton, some chose the high road and others the low road and ford, which was in full flow and a swift manoeuvre to avoid going in to be swept away was required. Back at the Packhorse a familiar car was in the car park, that of John B’s who would join us later as we enjoyed our lunch.

9 turn into 10 at The Packhorse for lunch.
Packhorse Circuit 29.3.18.png
28 miles clockwise

Thanks Maurice for another lovely ride and Andrew for organising us too.


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