19th March 18 – The Beast from the East returned.

With Andrew back from his skiing exploits in France (NO, he’s not the Beast!!!), eager to get back on his bike, having excelled at enjoying the hospitality supplied by Martin and other friends, as well as a little Apres ski in the local french hostelries. He could have brought his skis along instead of his bike, as a mini Beast from the East had struck again over the weekend, leaving a covering of snow and some bitter easterly winds. But the sun was shining and all seemed well when I met Andrew outside The Pheasant, that was until we stepped out of our vehicles, the wind had not subsided, still blowing in from the East and bitterly cold too!!

What are we thinking of, this could be a short ride!!! We set off down the notorious three hills and the set forth towards Little Chishill, up hill and noticing the wind somewhat but we carried on to Langley Lower Green (too early for The Bull to be open). The sun was shining, in fact clear blue skies all the way around, several herds of deer seen sheltering sensibly along side various woods. We soldiered on to Roast Green, Clavering and Arkesden, with hopes that the wind would aid our return, this wouldn’t be the case until we passed through Chrishall to Heydon then it aided us back to The Pheasant, still a little early but after a certain amount of hammering on the door, Mark relented and let us in to warm by the fire and be refreshed with Guinness and Pride. We were joined by a rather croaky Maurice, glad to have stayed home by the log burner!

17 miles anticlockwise.

Thanks Andrew for a great ride if a bit cold and windy. The sunshine was just what the doctor ordered!!


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