29.01.18 – Still searching for Spring. No Knobbly Knees today!

It was meant to be, the now regular Monday lunchtime heavy shower passed over just before three Windmillers (Andrew, Nigel and Sandra) assembled outside the Tally Ho, Barkway and the skies cleared for what would be a very pleasant afternoon ride, with a little wind.

Without any real planned route in mind, we would make it up as we went along but one thing was for sure, Andrew was determined to check out if the Daffodils he saw on a previous ride (15.01.18) were real and not artificial, still not believing that they would be in flower so early and especially after the cold spell we’ve had. So we set off to Nuthampstead and then across to Anstey, Brent Pelham and Stocking Pelham, discussions along the way of various rather potent Cocktails/drinks that Nigel and Andrew had sampled, which, to be honest sounded more like something you’d use to strip paint or cut through hardened steel with!!! Needless to say they only tried them once I understand!!!

Along the route were many signs that spring is on its way, Snowdrops in full bloom and Crocus showing their presence, closed for the evening but waiting for the morning sun so they could reopen to warm the petals. On through Berden and then into the wind to Clavering, suggestion from Nigel of calling into the Cricketers for a quick half, fell by the wayside sadly (signs of the Moonriders pub crawls) and we carried on, through Roast Green to Meesden and back towards Anstey, where we were to find the blooming Daffodils, past their best but still splendid. Those cocktails haven’t done any lasting damage after all Andrew!!!!


Early blooming Daffodil, first seen by Andrew 15.01.18

From Anstey we headed back to Barkway via the Golf course road. A warm fire and welcome awaiting us at the Tally Ho, once we persuaded Saleesha to let us in. Could have had that half after all!!

29.01.18 Tally Ho.png

20 miles figure of eight

Thanks Andrew for organising us and another great ride.


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