28 December 2017: Deer Stalking with Maurice

Village people doing their YMCA routine

It was a sunny winter’s day but – with ice and snow on the lanes – we decided it would be wise to cancel Thursday’s ride in favour of a walk over the hill at the back of Maurice’s place.

So it was that Ken, Anne, Sandra, Lawrence, Brian, Andrew and Maurice himself were to be found traipsing across the snowy landscape, oblivious to the cold, thanks to the warming mulled wine at Maurice’s table.

We came across a small herd of roe deer. They didn’t seem particularly spooked by our presence and, keeping the dogs in check, we were able to follow them for a while across the field. Returning to the house, we looked into Maurice’s various workshops and gave him some helpful tips on classic car restoration.

Making our way to The Pheasant, we found John Bagrie giving baleful looks to a very noisy – and semi inebriated – bunch dressed in 1940s army uniforms, accompanied by some bearded johnnies in ball gowns. Good Lord!

Ignoring the hubbub at the bar, we enjoyed an excellent lunch by the fire before heading home in suitably festive spirit.

Thanks for the hospitality, Maurice, and Happy New Year to all!


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