4 December. Nightrider ride. 17 miles

Setting off at 2.30pm from the Tally Ho! in Barkway meant there was not a lot of daylight left, but that didn’t worry new member Nigel, already dubbed Nightrider by Sandra, who frequently rides out in the dead of night with some chums. So it was great to have Nigel join us again, and not only because he can spot potholes in the dark. Accompanied by Deputy Dawg Andrew, Storm Sandra and Moley Martin, the four Windmillers tackled a shortish circuit of 17 miles via Little Chishill. Langley Lower Green, Starlings Green, Brent Pelham and Anstey. Here is the route taken:

Bike ride 4 Dec 17

This ride showed our countryside at its best and worst. Sadly, once again, a huge pile of builders rubble had just been dumped on the side of the road between Shaftenhoe End and Little Chishill. We stopped and helped clear some dangerous bits off the road before setting off again up the steep hill, feeling sorry for the landowner and local residents. But then our faith was restored when Sandra spotted the largest herd of deer we have ever seen on a ride – at least 100 in two groups – including some fine stags. On the other hand, local landowners were probably not very happy about these either because of their voracious appetites – very hard to cull, says Sandra,  because of the number of public footpaths around. We also spotted a buzzard.

By 4.00pm it was almost dark but by then we were back at the Tally Ho! where Maurice joined us and, later, Husky Andrew called in too with tales of Macedonia. A warm welcome was given by landlady Saleesha and we settled down in front of the fire with drinks and snacks to put the world to rights.

Thanks, Andrew, for organising the ride.


PS. We have since heard that Nigel suffered a serious fall from a ladder a day or two later and ended up in hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him again soon.

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