20 November 17 – Nightrider Welcome

The weather more befitting that of a classic Storm Sandra ride, what better way to welcome a newbie! Well to ‘Nightrider’ Nigel this would be a breeze, as it turns out he is a bit of an adrenaline junky, more used to going out on a Monday evening and cycling into the night and early hours of Tuesday morning. Isn’t it hard enough negotiating the rutted, pot holed roads and marauding wildlife in the daylight!!!! A warm welcome to Nigel and hope to see you on many a ride in future.

With Martin to be a late starter, he was contacted to be given advice as to where the main group would be heading and advised to reverse the route and meet us along the way at some point, probably Buntingford if all went to plan.

The main group consisting Maurice, Andrew, Sandra and ‘Nightrider’ Nigel set off North along Barkway High Street before turning to head towards Reed and into the wind, from there we headed to Therfield, by now rain was in the air and the views from Stump’s Cross wouldn’t be great, so we turned to go through Kelshall to get to Sandon. The roads being a bit muddy at this time of year, even with good mud guards we seemed to be getting splatted. On through the various Ends of Sandon (Green, Mill and Lye End, so many Ends but with no real end!!) to Buntingford where we should find Martin, this wasn’t to be, perhaps he is still working his way from Wyddial, so we carried on looking out for him on the way back to Barkway, the guys headed back to stoke the fire at the Tally Ho, taking the slightly shorter route via Barkway golf club, while I added a couple of miles on by going via Anstey and Nuthampstead back to Barkway. Still no sign of Martin, should we send out a search party? Well it was rather cosy by the fire and with a beer in hand, he’ll be fine! It wasn’t long before Martin did arrive, having turned South in Buntingford and headed to Aspenden before turning back to join us. All’s well that ends well.

A ride of various distances, 15, 17 and 19 miles. (Anticlockwise)

Tally Ho Circuit with a kickNigel very generously getting the beers in, thank you.

Thanks Maurice for a great ride and Andrew for getting us there on time.


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