7 September 2017: Widdington – Finchingfield

Looks like a road crash – but it’s just the Windmillers stopping to admire the view near Bardfield End Green

Nine Windmillers – Maurice, Andrew, Vernon, Lawrence, John B, John T, Tom, Keith and Brian – turned out on a fine September morning for our regular Thursday outing.

Maurice had planned a route starting from the Fleur de Lys at Widdington, one of our favourite watering holes. The outward leg took us via Thaxted to Finchingfield where we pulled in at Bosworth’s Tea Room for refreshments. Overlooking the green, we sipped coffee and sympathised with Andrew who was still suffering toothache, despite his visit to dentist earlier in the week.

Mellow Yellow bicycle team

Then it was back in the saddle for the homeward journey via Wimbish to Widdington. Back in the Fleur we were joined at the big round table by Ken – who had pedalled up from Ickleton – and Landlord Chris served us up an excellent two course lunch.

All in all, it was a very pleasant outing; 33 miles, puncture free, no rain and nobody fell off.

Vernon in Finchingfield

Thanks are due to Maurice for planning the route and leading the way – and to Andrew for organising things.

33 miles anticlockwise from Widdington
33 miles anticlockwise from Widdington


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